Have you or your Company been asking why you use a design service or an artist who isn’t actually into dogs?

AHEAD Graphics offers the ultimate in dog artistry!

We not only own and show dogs - most important of all - we KNOW dogs.


We are a small, private owned company - but - we do have a VERY large global presence in the dog community. Our design services and computer clipart collection have been used worldwide since it’s creation in 1995.

From simple Logos to Embroidery and Design, AHEAD Graphics has a package that can suit any size job . Feel free to ask us to help you with your next project!

How much did you spend last year in "static" print advertising?

Schedule  of  Services and Fees
  • Ad Design Hourly Rate quoted @$25.00
  • Logo Creation $180.00B/W (spot color added @ no extra charge)
  • Full Color Logo Creation $275.00 (b/w image included also)
  • Private Clips .......$39.00 each B/W....... Color...... $49.00each
  • Vector Art Licensed FULL Commercial Package ....... $224.00 shipping included
  • Embroidery Digitizing Service - your logo/design, into stitches - email for a quote - we are reasonable!
  • Embroidery Designs - ready to use on your machine! Most breeds available
  • Web Art Hourly Rate quoted @ $25.00 (includes custom animations)
  • We offer online ordering - click HERE!


  • The IAMS Company, Dayton, OH
  • Aunt Jeni's Homemade, Temple Hills, MD
  • STIVERS School for the Arts - Dayton,OH (Company Logo & package design - all food and treats)
  • Doberman Pinscher Club of America - 2001 National Logo
  • Around the Clock Pet Care - Fairfax, VA
  • The Glass Shack - ‘Dogs in Glass’ 
  • INFODog (this is MB-F ... Yes, the superintendent)
  • ShowDobes-L- A Must See ! 
  • The City of Bellbrook Ohio (logo)
  • A-1 K-9, Loogootee,IN
  • Pentium Dobermans, Canada
  • The Red Dog Fan Club
  • The Bow-Wow Cafe, Jackson Heights, NY
  • Empire Veterinary Clinic, Empire, CA
  • DoberWorld logo
  • Dapper Dog Grooming, Vandalia, OH
  • Hounding Around
  • "Dogitos" - Aunt Jeni's new dog treat
  • Boxer Built Homes - TN
  • Desta Dobermans - Gloucester,VA
  • GoldenTown
  • Meroke Dobermans - N.Merrick,NY
  • Jean E's Holistic Store - MO
  • Petilicious Pet Bakery - MI
  • Past Editor for the official DPCA club publication, the PIPELINE

...plus many, many more.

Have a "non-dog" related project ?

Please feel free to inquire !

How did the Clipart Collection come about?


Over 19 years ago it was discovered through many conversations with other dog fanciers over the InterNet that there just wasn't any real good clipart of purebred dogs in any one collection to be found anywhere . . . AHEAD Graphics took on the challenge and the clipart collection "DoberArt " tm was born.

The collection took on the name " DoberArt  "tm as a tribute to the many members of the cyber-community of "DoberWorld" who helped us in the creation of this ultimate dog clipart collection !

From the beginnings of a mere 50 clips, the collection has grown rapidly to a total of over 1020! We are very proud of this unique collection and draw great pleasure from the fact that users everywhere are getting a good value and alot of enjoyment from the clipart collection.



Email AHEAD at ahead@aheadgraphics.com



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