This is the ULTIMATE dog clipart collection 

ALL AKC Dog breeds and many non-AKc breeds are included - also - Most Cat and Horse Breeds have now

been added as well as new folders with non-dog and more performance images.

Rabbits - Cattle - Hogs and more!

AHEAD GRAPHICS offers the ONLY clipart collection like this anywhere in the world

For those who need the clipart in a vector format we now offer this on DVD. All the clips are in the AI, .CGM, .DXF, .EPS, .SVG , and WMF formats. (new version 17.0) The very large standard TIF format collection is also included. This includes the greyscale and color pieces. All of the vector clips are in black and white and there are two folders which contains silhouettes only. All AKC breeds, Obedience and Agility/Perfomance/Rally clips are included. A new folder with non-dogs (designer breeds), and most Cat and Horse Breeds are included in the FULL version - in both vector lineart and vector silhouettes.

Version 17.0 now offers more non-dog art from a full line of Rabbit images to some Cattle Breeds, Hog Breeds and other non-dog images, including the newest sets - 'Under the Sea' and 'WildLife" clips. Newer silhouettes and silhouette scenes. This version offers every new breed now in the AKC as well. If there is a special need that you have - just let us know.

Usage is allowed for resale on product and marketing with this version with the stipulation that credit must be given to AHEAD Graphics somewhere in the marketing or on the product. Just some of what you can do with the product is listed below:

Sign making • engraving • graphic design • Point of Purchase promotion • silk-screening • offset printing • laser and router cutting • Laser Engraving/Etching • desktop publishing • Web page design • Billboard printing • Textile printing • vehicle graphics • Large format digital imaging • EPS foam cutting • in-house production • wall murals • magazine or newspaper publishing • tradeshow display • embroidery digitizing • Gerber Edge Printers • wall murals • store display or signage • corporate publications and presentations • catalog production and magazine layout • and much more...

Purchase options allow you to receive the full collection with all the breed groups or select your groups individually to your needs, or just the silhouettes. All versions now have catalog pages illustrating all the Vector Clips in PDF fomat for you and your customers to view the available artwork!

N O T E: There is a $169.00 savings when the Full DVD set is purchased vs individual groups.

Redistributing any of the artwork (clips) electronically, on disk or otherwise is NOT permitted unless specified. (please indicate this is what you need) AHEAD Graphics still holds the copyright on all the artwork.


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Helping you increase your business through our business!

Full DVD NEW UPDATED ver 17.0: $220.00

This option includes All the Vector Clips (Dogs-Cats-Horses), all the Tif Clips (the full set) and all of the Silhouettes!



  • Vector and TIF Clips of all the VECTOR images ONLY (dogs,cats,horses,rabbits and all other images. NO Silhouette)

DVD with ALL Dog Breed Images Only:


  • All Vector, Silhouettes and TIF Clips of all the Dog images ONLY

DVD with ALL Dog Breed Images Only, NO SILHOUETTES:


  • Vector and TIF Clips of all the Dog images ONLY,NO Silhouettes


DVD with ALL Silhouettes ONLY:


  • Silhouette Clips ONLY of all the images - Dogs, Cats and Horses

DVD with Dog Silhouettes Only:


  • Vector Clips of all the Dog Groups/Clips Silhouettes ONLY

DVD with Headstudies Only:


  • Vector Clips of all the Dog, Cat and Horse Groups - Head Shots ONLY

Individual Breed Groups - these groups include:

  • Vector Clips of the Individual Group
  • Silhouette Clips of the Individual Group
  • Tif Clips of the Individual Group


  • Herding - $ 40.00
  • Hound - $ 42.00
  • Misc - $ 45.00
  • Non-Sporting - $35.00
  • Sporting - $40.00
  • Terrier - $40.00
  • Toy - $ 35.00
  • Working - $45.00
  • Horses & Cattle - $35.00
  • Catz only - $32.00
  • Rabbits only - $30.00
  • Dobermans Only - $35.00
  • Just Goldens - $30.00
  • GreyScale Images Only - $55.00
  • Custom CD - 50 breed images - $75.00


  • Combo 2-DVD set containing the FULL Commercial Edition of all the following:
  • DVD 1 - Vector Clips of the Individual Group - Silhouette Clips of the Individual Group - Tif Clips of the Individual Group
  • Full Commercial set (ver 17) - regular price for the set is $220.00
  • DVD - Contains ALL of our ready-to-embroider Embroidery Designs! This is our SUPER DOG PACK and contains more than 200 already digitized embroidery designs in all the various machine formats. Regular individual price is $165.95

Our Super Pack Combo saves you over $100.00!

  • Full set only $320.00


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